A Love Offering for Jamie Ridler Peeps!

Hello!!!I created this offering just for you. The people from Jamie Ridler’s website. HOORAY! I love her.

I want you to experience a little more love and a little less stress in your life.

So here is what I’ve created:

Love offering #1

Sign up for my newsletter and you’ll receive a discount code for my In Plain Sight – 30 day home study photo project.

It’s normally $55.00 for 3o days of email inspiration, prompts, resources, interviews, downloadable PDF’s and a flickr group to post your photos.

For you it’s just $35.00!!

Once you sign up, the course begins. You’ll receive an email with all you need to know to get started.

( And you don’t need a fancy camera. So don’t let that stop you. )

When I’m in that space of abundance and love, stress is really not present. I need that shift in my own life and have found that this process of the daily photo ritual really does shift my perception from stress or mind chatter to a more centered space. I created this course because I had a feeling I was not the only one needing more tips and tools to shift from fear back to love and ease.

Hop on in!

You’ll also receive updates on my CtheG tv show, photo retreats, eCourses and blog posts all designed toward personal and spiritual growth by shifting your perception, and owning your greatness.

And one other thing.

A deep discount for my Soul*Full Summit lifetime access.
It’s normally $97.00
But with the code: summitlove
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It includes 24 interviews about how to overcome fear and live the life of your dreams.
Danielle Laporte
Alexandra Franzen
Flora Bowley
Andrea Scher
Douglas Beasley
Dyana Valentine
and so many more!

Click HERE and when signing up use the discount code: summitlove

Sending you all my love and Thank you again for stopping by.